Leaf Lard

Leaf Lard Delicious looking pie.

My Mom and Grandma made the world's best pie crust, doughnuts and fried chicken. The secret is in the pure leaf lard shortening they used!

When using pure leaf lard, you can expect flakey pie crusts, golden brown crispy fried chicken, and non-greasy fluffy homemade doughnuts. Now I can continue the tradition, because I found the secret.

Lard is a healthy source of fat! Zero trans fats, so don't be afraid of using an all-natural product for your baking and frying needs!

Creamy white in color, non-hydrogenated, mild neutrally smell, and ready to use.

What is Leaf Lard?

We start with hog leaf fat that comes from our own naturally raised heritage hogs. The leaf fat is collected from around the internal organs of the hogs and then heated to a high enough temperature (a process called rendering) that all of the impurities float to the surface (cracklings). The liquid hog fat is then poured into the bucket and cooled. Lard can be frozen or refrigerated for up to a year, or more.

Our creamy white leaf lard is rendered, which means it is READY for baking and frying. PPF lard non-hydrogenated, no BHT and no water added, and not whipped full of air, and is sold in a 4 pound or 1.8 pound pails. 4 pounds is about 10 cups of lard.

What is the best way to handle lard?

I keep my lard in the freezer, until I am ready to use it. This keeps it fresh. It can be refrigerated also. Lard is easiest to handle when it is cold!!

How do you measure lard?

I use the displaced water method of measuring lard. Example: If you need one cup of lard, use a 2 cup measure and fill with one cup of water, add lard, keeping the lard below the waterline. When the waterline reaches the 2 cup mark, you then have 1 cup of lard and 1 cup of water.

Just pour off the water and the lard is ready to use. I like to use cold or frozen lard for this method of measuring. (an old 4-H club baking trick)

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