Naturally cured with out the use of nitrates or nitrites, no msg and gluten free! All are made with fresh trim from our healthy animals. All sausages are 85% lean, low salt and packaged conveniently, for today's smaller families. As always, shrink wrapped and flash frozen, to lock in freshness at it's peak. Pork, beef, or Chicken. This is the uncured weiners pictured, "award winning" too!
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  Weight Price  
expand Italian sausage links with Mozzarella Cheese 0 lbs 12 oz 9.50
expand Fully Cooked Brats 85% lean 0 lbs 12 oz 10.50
expand Pepper Jack Brats 0 lbs 12 oz 9.50
expand Wild Rice Bratwurst 0 lbs 12 oz 10.50
expand Cajun Bratwurst 0 lbs 12 oz 10.50
expand Wild Rice Smoked Sausage 0 lbs 12 oz 10.50
expand Wild Rice Jalapeno-Cheddar Sausage 0 lbs 12 oz 10.50
expand Country Smoked Sausage 0 lbs 12 oz 10.50
expand Cheddarwurst, Smoked sausage with Cheddar Cheese 0 lbs 12 oz 10.50
expand Wieners-ALL NATURAL BEEF AND PORK 1 lbs 0 oz 15.55
expand Polish Kielbasa Sausage 0 lbs 12 oz 10.50

Pork photos courtesy of National Pork Board.

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